Offers & prices

In need for some time off? Call Betty now! Now is your time to call Betty and guarantee your kids some unforgettable holiday experiences – while you get to take off the time you deserve!

one hour excl. driving

1 child/1h: 20,00 Euro, 2nd child and every other/hour: 5,00 Euro

full time day incl. driving

7 h: 125,00 Euro
(1x healthy meal/fruits/water per child: 8,00 Euro)

Evening prices incl. driving

from 6 pm to 11 pm: 5 h (95,00 Euro), from 6 pm to 8 am: 14 h (195,00 Euro)

Group costs (5 children)
incl. driving

At parties, childcare for kids at your place: 1 h (35,00 Euro)

More than 30 minutes ride

Travel allowance: 16,00 Euro

For individual wishes and any questions get in contact with Betty.